Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ham Radio at Buffalo Ranch

Jim, one of the volunteers here this winter, is a ham radio operator. He brought along some of his equipment to enjoy his hobby while staying at the Buffalo Ranch. This past weekend was a national competition for ham radio operators – Jim operated his portable equipment from his car in the parking lot up the hill from the cabins. He talked to over 300 other ham operators as far as Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii.

One of the highlights of the day occurred just after sunset on Sunday, when a group of the local bison browsed through the area where Jim had set up his antenna wires. First they smelled the wires and some of them licked the ropes. But most of them paid no attention to the minor obstacles and just walked through them, pulling them to the ground. All the time, Jim sat in his car wishing they would go away and continuing to make contacts on the radio. What else was there to do?

Another ham radio activity he has planned is to make contacts via a ham radio satellite. It’s possible to span considerable distance using a repeater station a hundred or so miles overhead.

Other hobbies we’re enjoying here are hiking, reading and photography. We’re all looking forward to having snow for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

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  1. Jim,

    N7PP will be on the air this weekend for the ARRL SSB sweeps. I know this is below you but maybe we might make contact. The pictures on the site tonight look just wonderful.