Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Food for the Masses

This is the title of the courses that start today. Each class of 8 students with one instructor and a volunteer will go out all day to find carcases. They will observe from a distance who and what feeds on the carcass. The class is for seven days and three more classes will follow. This study has been going on for several years and they hope to eventually publish the results. It is an example of the predator/prey relationship. In the past the animals that have fed on the carcass beside the wolves are eagles, ravens, coyotes, foxes, magpies, grizzlies, and other critters. Linda and I are off today, Jim is supporting the class. Each day those responsibilities will change. As these classes develop we will report on the results. The wolves have been active this year so the hope is that the classes will be successful. Steve

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