Thursday, November 11, 2010

Private tours and happenings

Linda had a memorable birthday with all of our sons and their families, as well as my Brother, his wife and two friends from Missoula appearing on a Friday night. It was a complete surprise to Linda. We organized a private tour on Saturday in the Northern Range and a tour on Sunday through the Park before the road closed on Monday. This is with the Yellowstone Association and one of the ways to stay at the Buffalo Ranch. The other way is to sign up for one of the many programs they offer. It was the best birthday present ever!!!
This past week the Greater Yellowstone Coalition had one of their programs here at the Ranch. Many wolf sightings and other animals. The Coalition has as their charter to protect the whole Yellowstone ecosystem both for the animals as well as the environment. See the web site for details. It is a different focus from the Yellowstone Association.
As a part of the program we viewed a new video by Bob Landis. It is called the "Black Wolf" and will air on the National Geographic channel on Thanksgiving. For those of you who know about "Romeo" or number 302, this is an interesting story.
Lastly I should mention a new TV program on the Wolverines that will air on Sunday, the 21st of November. But, I am afraid this in only for Montana PBS and Spokane PBS. As they say, check your local listings. The book that I read this summer is called "The Wolverine Way" and was most interesting. The author is doing the program.
The cold has arrived, this AM it was 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Steve

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