Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happenings from Yellowstone

We have our share of celebrities here in the Park. This week David Brancaccio was doing a piece on the wolves and probably the results of the first hunting of wolves in Montana and Idaho. His show is and the result should air sometime in January. Watch for it. In addition there is a Nature series and on January 17 they will air the latest grizzly/wolf video. It is called Clash and the filming was done by Bob Landis, who we have seen on the road daily as well as presentations here at the Ranch. The last class of the Food for the Masses is finished and we got to visit several carcasses. The amount of debris left after the ravens, coyotes and wolves work on a carcass is minimal. Just a little hide and some bones. The winter study with the Park end on December 15. Now we have some free time and the temperature is reasonable, above 0 degrees, so we hope to get back to our hiking and if we get some snow, cross country skiing. Steve

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